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Collection Offices (Buros) / Chris Van Uffelen / Braun



Autor: Chris Van Uffelen
Editorial: Braun
Fecha de edición: 1 Edición Del 2010
Formato: Libro Tapa Dura
ISBN: 9788492463152
Dimensiones: 30 x 26 cm
Número de Páginas: 512
Contenido: 1 Tomo 
Peso: 3.9 Kg

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Office construction is one of the largest building tasks today. Architects and designers face the challenge of creating buildings and spaces that are functional yet stylish. This title presents 170 of the most interesting office projects of the past years, which range from small-scale two-roomed offices to vast corporate buildings that comprise more than 100 stories. Open-plan offices, single-roomed bureaus, group offices, office landscapes as well as new concepts such as just-in-time-offices and business clubs are presented in a variety of combinations. Striking photos and illustrations convey innovative design solutions that give new definitions to workplaces.


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